Video – In A Real Life’s Storm

Tja, wie ich bereits erwähnte, enstehen manchmal solche songs am PC. – Zwar nicht meisterhaft gesungen und mit einfachen Mitteln bearbeitet, aber Spass hat es gemacht:-)

In A Real Life’s Storm

Mama was a tailor
but she didn’t sue my Jeans.
I had to go my way
guess you know what it means.

Papa lost his soul
in searching for a goal
but the only thing he found
was a deep deep ground

In a real life’s storm
in a real lefe’s storm.
I’ll try to find my heart back
in a real life’s storm.
In a real life’s storm…

Had no inspiration for the Life I had to live
Some women taught me wrong
all night long
So all you can exspect
is a man whose heart feels warm
And if you wonna start now
let’s feel the real Life’s storm

© rh